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How the EU views the  Ethical Issues  of AI? 


Today,  the ethical issues of  AI have become the focus of  the international community. The EU has been actively promoting the establishment of an ethical framework for AI. On March 9, the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies issued the Statement on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and 'Autonomous' Systems. According to the report, advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and so-called "autonomous" technologies have triggered a series of complex ethical issues which need to be solved Urgently.


The Construction of Digital Culture In China From The Perspective of Disney Model


With the deep development of the Internet + and The Digital China, What is the secret of building a digital culture China with developed industries, prosperous culture, and a wide range of values?


Cherish The People Who Sell Fake Goods In Your WeChat Moments, They Are Going To Disappear 

313日,微信法务和微信品牌保护团队联合发布了《微信品牌权利人保护报告 2017》,首次透露了微信清理用户朋友圈里侵权小广告的那些事儿。一起来了解下,究竟是谁在“污染我们的朋友圈”?微信是如何对品牌进行保护的?

On March 13, the WeChat Legal and WeChat brand protection team released The WeChat Brand Rightsholder Protection Report 2017, revealing for the first time what WeChat did to clean up the small ads in the user's moments. Let's see who's contaminating our moments? How does WeChat protect the brand?


Too Many Patients, Not Enough Doctors? Digital Medicine Might Be The Answer


According to statistics, in 2016, China has only 31.5 medical staff per 10,000 population, and only 5.37 hospital beds per 1,000 people. There are still large gaps compared with the developed countries. What is the best way to solve the shortage of medical resources in our country? Accelerating the use of digital technology in the medical  field  may be the best option.


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