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T项目启动仪式暨 T-Meet 第一期过载/Overload”将于1月20日举行

T-Project Launch Ceremony And T-Meet Phase One “Overload” Will Be Held on January 20


How does a social network can break up a couple of girlfriends? What's the difference between a three-generation Wechat users? What caused our life to be so overloaded? The problem is the user, or the technology? In the T-Meet forum on january 20th, we have invited users, technologists, researchers, and even Buddhist masters to try to solve the “Overload” problem and try to find a solution. The guests present will have Zhang zhidong who is the former CTO and one of the Tencents founders, Master Xianshu who is the Beijing Longquan Temple’Deacon and Wuchen who is the editor in chief of The Economist. All of them will bring their thinking in different latitudes.



Awareness Art Exhibition | 14 artists’ reflection on  technology


As part of the T project, on January 19, 2018, the exhibition "Jue Wu" held by Tencent Research Institute was opened in the first workshop of Beijing 751D · park.  To explore the technological ethics of the deep involvement of information technology in life from the perspective of art.The exhibition will last until January 23.


The 40th Edition of The Internet Frontier, which Focuses on How The World's Factories Exported the "Industrial Internet" of Chinese Samples

本期《互联网前沿》封面文章关注互联网如何赋能制造业。作为“世界工厂”,中国制造业转型升级,是夺取新一轮全球竞争主导权的关键。中国在移动互联网领域的优势地位,能帮助我们打造出全球规模最大、类型最丰富的工业大数据。补足短板,力争先进,到2025 年,实现从制造大国向制造强国的跨越,不仅仅向全球输出中国产品,还要输出工业互联网的中国样本。

The cover story of this issue of Internet Frontier focuses on how the internet can empower manufacturing. As the World's Factories , the transformation and upgrading of china's manufacturing sector is the key to winning a new round of global competition. China's dominance in the mobile Internet sector can help us build the largest and most powerful industrial data in the world. By 2025 to achieve the transformation from a manufacturer of quantity to one of quality, not just exporting Chinese products to the world, but also exporting the Chinese version of the industrial internet.



2017 Chinese Excellent Case of “Internet +” Started

近日,由人民日报全国党媒信息公共平台主办,腾讯公司支持的2017年度中国“互联网+”优秀案例征集活动开启。本次征集活动以“融合共享续发展,科技创新展未来”为主题,在经过专家组审核,并结合网络投票情况后,将评选出“互联网+政务”“互联网+民生”以及“互联网+制造业”优秀案例各10件,并通过《人民日报》及人民网进行展播。线上报名:https://wj.qq.com/s/1799705/2c2d 腾讯选送案例报名指引详见KM:http://km.oa.com/articles/show/352547


recently, National Party Media Public Information Platform of People’s Daily launched the collection activity of 2017 Chinese excellent case of “Internet +”. The theme of this collection focuses on “Integration and Development, Future with Technology Innovation”. After the review by the expert group and the online voting, 10 excellent cases of "Internet + Government Affairs", "Internet + Livelihood" and "Internet + Manufacturing" will be selected and exhibited through the People's Daily and the People's Network. Online registration: https://wj.qq.com/s/1799705/2c2d, Tencent entry case registration guidelines to see:KM:http://km.oa.com/articles/show/352547



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