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TRI Report | China vs U.S.: Trends of AI Startups and Venture Funds




A report released by Tencent Research Institute (TRI) and IT Tangerine suggested that the hottest artificial intelligence (AI) startups in China focus on robots and drones, while most Chinese venture funds (291 VC firms) are betting big on computer vision and pattern recognition, as well as AI robots and machine learning. Last year, Chinas venture funds invested a total of 23.2 billion yuan on AI startups. Its expected that investors will become more cautious this year, have a strong preference for mature startups. Download Full Report at KM



"Internet plus Industry" Research Center Founded in Beijing




Last week, the "Internet plus Industry" research center, an independent think tank initiated by the National Research Center for Industrial Information Security Development, Tencent Research Institute (TRI), Tencent Cloud, and Hualong Xinda Information Technology was founded in Beijing. The center will focus on research related to industrial internet, industrial cloud, digital economy and artificial intelligence (AI), a bid to boost the transformation and upgrading of Chinas manufacturing sector.



TRI Analysis | China's New Cyber Rules for Online Commenting




On August 25, the Cyberspace Administration of China's (CAC) issued the latest Management Regulations on Internet Forum and Community, required netizens to provide identifying information when using online communities and discussion forums, a bid to promote the healthy and orderly development of online community. Yang Le, deputy secretary general of Tencent Research Institute (TRI), analyzes the new rule to become effective on October 1.



TRI Report | China's Growing Internet Copyright Industry and Market Prospect




China's consumer landscape is rapidly changing as consumers get richer, with an increasing spending on leisure and entertainment such as music, animation and online games. According to Tencent Research Institute (TRI), China's internet copyright industry jumped from 16.4 billion yuan in 2006 to 50.9 billion yuan last year, increased 30 percent year on year. In 2016, online advertising and online games accounted for 85 percent of the industry's total output, while paid content such as online literature, music and video increased fast.


诚邀报名 | 腾讯研究院读书会第一期

Invitation | TRI Readers Salon Launched in Beijing




Join Tencent Research Institute (TRI) readers salon "Complex Thinking in an Information Age" in Beijing on Thursday at 2pm. Mr. Luo Jiade, author and a sociology professor from Tsinghua University, will talk about his new book Complexity: Connection, Opportunity and Layout in the Information Age. Shen Hao, director of Data Mining Research Center under China Communication University, and Zhao Jiamin, founder of Yeeyan.org, will join the discussion. The salon is free of charge and has limited seats. Sign Up Here



Internet Can Help Reduce Depression among Elderly


在网络时代,老年人比年轻人更可能体验到抑郁、孤独和社交孤立。密歇根州立大学研究通信、信息和媒介的研究人员科顿(Shelia Cotten)和同事分析了3075名退休后的老年人,发现上网的人比不上网的人患抑郁症的概率低33%。“我真的鼓励人们帮助他们的年长亲人上网,”科顿表示,老年人可能并不会像年轻人一样容易学习,但研究表明人们在80岁、90岁,甚至在100岁时仍然可以学习使用计算机和互联网。


A project followed the lives of thousands of retired older Americans for six years – found that Internet use among the elderly can reduce the chances of depression by more than 30 percent. Professor Shelia Cotten and her colleagues from Michigan State University analyzed the health data collected from 3,075 older respondents, found out that internet allows older persons to stay in contact with their social networks, rather than just feel lonely at home.




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